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DBS Services is a full service computer consulting company specializing in Cloud Services including:

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Managed IT

Have You Been Searching For The Right Solution For Your IT Services?

Many small to midsize business are struggling to manage their IT needs.  These businesses have tried:

  • Outsourced IT (call when something breaks) – Using this solution you typically call your IT Company when something breaks down.  The problem is by waiting till something fails, the damage is done, data may be lost and productivity has come to a halt.
  • Using staff members who double as an employee and part time IT – This method might seem efficient but rarely is. The challenge is the employee does not have the time to become the best at either job leading to frustration and inefficient network operation.
  • Having a full time IT staff member – One would think this is the best solution, however, with the rapidly changing software and hardware the challenges of one person remaining an expert on everything is slim to none. You also have to consider vacation times, sick days and days with multiple problems. The staff It is typically too busy to be proactive.

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Secure Cloud Backup

Would Your Business Survive?

Is your data safe? Are you sure your backups really work? Would your business survive a fire, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or even a simple server hardware failure?

Regardless of the industry in which you operate or the size of your business, having a solid backup and recovery plan is vital. No business can afford to gamble with its data by using outmoded or high-failure backup methods. In today’s world of cost-effective high speed Internet connectivity, data can be protected effectively by shipping it over the wire and storing it at secure offsite locations where it can be accessed in a time of need.

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Microsoft Cloud Services

Move to the Cloud?

If you’re like most small businesses then chances are you’ve struggled with this issue – and with good reason. After all, you’ve got a lot to think about. What is the cloud really going to cost? Will it enable your people to work how and where they want while keeping you in control? How do you know your data is secure? Don’t worry. We hear you.

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